MediboothVR is a ​Workplace Wellness Solution to Help Manage Stress & its Effects in Your Daily Life.

Reinforced with Virtual Reality and Neuroscience.


Our Mission

Enterprises perform better with happy & healthy employees.

With our innovative and insightful platform founded by an incredible team of creatives, programmers and researchers we strive to enhance our customers’ every day experiences.

  • 50% Better Performance

  • 10 days/year Less Leave of Absence

  • 2x More Likely to Stay

  • 40% Less Employee Turnover Cost


What We Do

We are revolutionizing the mindfulness journey through Virtual Reality stroytelling backed with neuroscience.

We know that a day any given day the office can be chaotic. With MediboothVR immersive biofeedback meditation platform, we help decrease stress levels while boosting focus for fitter minds. Because we believe better minds create better business.


Continue reading to learn all there is to know about the smart tech behind our ground breaking platform.



MediboothVR is a novel meditation platform and a workplace wellness solution.

MediboothVR has four main components all included in one package. Check out below why we include these components in our platform.

The Immersive Meditative Booth is designed to easily install in your workplace while it is also low maintenance & stylish. The booth includes all the devices which include meditation & biofeedback apps. We develop to provide MediboothVR as an end-to-end platform, easy to implement and maintain.


Virtual Reality

  • Helps isolate from physical distractions

  • Increases focus

  • Breaks biases against meditation

  • Creates enjoyable experiences with visual storytelling


  • Helps understand body & mind better

  • Increases motivation & set goals

  • Helps track personal growth & mindfulness


  • Workplace meditation increases employee focus & effectiveness

  • Helps manage stress & anxiety

  • Helps decrease conflict while enhancing interpersonal communication

Immersive Booth

  • Creates privacy in any public place

  • Enhances immersive quality of VR

  • Increases focus via physical isolation

  • Designed to be easily set and maintained

Data Center

MediboothVR is backed by research, science and data.
We partnered up with prominent experts in neuroscience, tech and meditation.


Better Performance

People who practice mindfulness have increased number of neurons in part of the brain related to learning and memory. MediboothVR improves working memory, creativity, attention span & reaction speeds.


Less  Employee Turnover

Bio-feedback reinforced mediation create increased levels of resilience. MediboothVR boosts skills for effective team work and communication through balanced self-reflection; increasing motivation.


Decrease in Healthcare Costs

Study in UK shows stress & anxiety accounts for est. 13.5M lost working days annually. Meditation reinforced with visual biofeedback boosts immune system by decreasing heart pressure and increasing cognitive functions.

Meet The Team


Cigdem Duzgunes


  • 3D Computer Graphics

  • VR content development

  • Game Design Instructor

  • LinkedIn

Pinar Oncu


  • Programming

  • Business Strategies

  • XR Instructor

  • WomenTech Mentor

  • LinkedIn

Burcu Dogru


  • Interaction Design

  • User Experience Strategies

  • Immersive Tech R&D

  • LinkedIn

Lalin Keyvan

Interdisciplinary Designer

  • Machine Learning

  • 2D & 3D design and programming

  • UI & Interaction Design

  • LinkedIn

Meet Our Partners

Prof. Dr. Sinan Canan, PhD, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Açık Beyin

Sinan Canan PhD.

  • Twitter

Biofeedback Advisor

Born in 1972, Ankara Sinan Canan PhD. completed his doctorate in Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Medicine following his bachelors in Biology at Hacettepe University Faculty of Science. He received the title of associate professor in Physiology in 2010. He worked as an academician in Department of Physiology at Baskent University Faculty of Medicine for 5 years; Turgut Ozal University 1 year; Yildirim Beyazit University 4 years. He is the founding partner of “Açık Beyin” and publishes videos in the “Açık Beyin” Youtube channel. He has published 13 books in his field of expertise and continues his work as the Department Head of Neuromarketing in Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Psychology at Uskudar University.



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